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Schools and Education
Junior Dunker Program

Primary and Secondary school visits have always been the forefront of the Kings Community program. Junior Dunker Program provides schools with the opportunity to have Sydney Kings’ players host training sessions, school talks and presentations. The aim of this program is to promote positive messages focused on the value of education, healthy lifestyles, leadership, and inclusiveness. The Junior Dunker Program delivers a range of activities based on what the individual school would like to achieve from the visit.

Coaching Clinics

Students learn the fundamental skills of basketball. Players lead them through skills and drills and play a number of fun activities. This is typically for primary schools and works with between 50-60 students.

School Presentations

Primarily for secondary schools; a class, group or entire school population will receive a talk from players about their individual careers, healthy lifestyles and perform a few demonstrations for the students.

Academic All Stars

The reading component of the program involves players reading to all children individually and as a classroom. The book will be chosen by the teacher and will coincide with what the students are currently learning.

So you think you can play?

The Challenge will see your School take on the whole Sydney Kings Team. In front of your entire school in a Sydney Kings' game-night entertainment vibe with Player introductions, mascot etc. 


To be one of the schools involved in the program please contact the Community Team on (02) 9746 0828 or

Please note we can visit schools in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, subject to availability. 

Out of Sydney Areas will be on a case to case basis.



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Schools and Education

Education, if looked at closely, forms the very essence of all our actions. What we do is what we know and have learned, either through instructions or through observation and assimilation. Receiving a good education helps empower you, it helps you realise your full potential and it helps you tap into your limitless talent.

Sydney Kings understand the importance of education and are 100% committed to developing programs that enable children to reach one’s full potential.

Under the new Kings Community, the School and Education umbrella provides three programs that are focussed on assisting education in different ways.


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